My +18 Stories

My +18 Stories – The Diary Of a Horny Married Woman

Did you know that women also think about sex as much as men do?

Society has made us believe that men are hornier than women. This in all angle is very shaddy, or maybe it’s just me!

I have always enjoyed sex and having it come to me on a platter was a plus for me. It’s harder when you’re prettier and everybody is expecting you to have higher standards and taste when all you just want to do is have sex. I’ve had sexual encounters that I could not even begin to remember the start of it. For me, it was just a matter of meeting, date and sex, but that was before I got married to Dayo…

In February, I met this guy, George. He was everything a woman could ever ask for, tall, dark and handsome, Cliche I know.

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I met him in a church service where I was serving as an Usher. He was a first timer and one look at him as I stretched my hands to welcome him to church I could tell that there was something about him, I wanted to find out and explore what it was, but I had to remind myself that I was in church.

After service, I haunted him down and found him just as he was about to leave the building. Good Day sir,…’ I said, he recognized me from earlier when I shook his hand in the morning. ‘...How was the service? Did you enjoy it?’ He nodded sheepishly with a smile as he also tried not to look me in the eyes. ‘My name is Sophie. It was nice to have you in the church today’ He looked at me this time and introduced himself as George.

I had wanted no one so badly like I wanted George. I found myself thinking about him for the rest of that evening.

My +18 Stories

I wondered how it’d feel to kiss him, how it’d feel to move my fingers around his bare chest and play with his ears. I wondered how it’d feel to grab his ass, (and by the way) he had a very lovely set of ass cheeks. The kind you just want to grab and scratch while the D is working up in you. I also wondered what the D would taste like. I couldn’t take it anymore, so I resorted to helping myself.

I had gone to my room and began working my way up my body and all over my vagina. I rarely do this, but the thought of George was driving me crazy, and I figured that when this would be over, I’ll finally be Okay.

I thrust myself as fast as I could; it felt good; I was getting there and it felt fantastic till the doorbell went off. It was my husband.

He had come back home with good news; He had been promoted and as usual, he’d want to feel more of a man tonight. I welcomed him with a kiss, after pseudo-cleaning myself. He kissed me back and grabbed my ass tighter than usual. ‘I got the promotion’ he said, with his lips still on mine.

I served him his food and went straight to bed, for a moment I stopped thinking about George. I was half asleep when Dayo came to join me in bed. We laid spoon to each other for a while before he started working his way up to my breast. He pressed so hard that I almost took his hands off; I could feel his throbbing penis against my ass as his heart was racing.

Dayo had a small penis, but he knew how to use it well. His fingers were up inside me now as he whispered in my ears ‘Sophie, let’s make a baby tonight.’

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A gentle reminder: This is a work of fiction, Characters and events are a result of Imaginations of ‘TheSlutrygoddess’

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