Muslim Uniabuja SUG President Proposes To Christian Girlfriend On Signing Out

It was a memorable day in UNIAbuja when the final year student of the school signed out marking the completion of their undergraduate years at the school.

But it was more memorable when the Number 1 student of the school & SUG president, Comr. Sulaiman Rabiu, also concluded his final year exams but topped it up by publicly proposed to his heartthrob who happened to be a Christain.

When he was interviewed about his decision to get engaged to a Christain.

“I’m a Muslim and she is a Christian and also I’m Hausa and she is Calabar.

I want Nigerians to know and understand that love is not about religion or ethnicity. It’s about the passion and feelings for one another.
I am now happily engaged.” Rabiu said.

What are your thoughts on this engagement?

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