A Mother’s advice to her Daughter; True or Not?

The words of my mother sounded like a joke to me in fact, I laughed when she gave me pointers on finding Love.
But as I grew older, I realized she was right all along and I’d been the massive joker and because I did not listen I learnt it all the hard way…..
Here’s a few pointers she gave me who knows, it might be of help to someone out there… ??

  1. Always define your relationships.
    Create boundaries, if it’s friendship you want state it and don’t cross the line. Trust me I learnt this rule the hard way.. ?
  2. Find yourself before you find Love.
    Don’t let your relationship be the center of your world. Yes, you gotta put some level of importance on your relationship but have a life first before you do that. Don’t make your relationship your life.
  3. Communication works both ways.
    In a relationship, when it turns out you are doing all the work, organizing dates, calling and texting him/her, and he/she is not making any effort to meet you halfway, I hate to break it to you dear, that’s a huge red flag.
  4. Marry someone who loves you more.
    This mostly apply to the ladies please marry someone who loves you more than you do him.. Once a guy is in love trust me he is but we ladies our case is quite different don’t let me delve into that yet but with ladies, affection grows.
    Like I said, marry someone who loves you more so when the storm comes raging his love would be enough to hold you.
  5. Communication brings affection.
    Be careful who you are in constant communication with. Don’t ruin your relationship.
  6. Love is not blind.
    Momma would tell me over and over again that when everyone around you is asking the same question about your fiancee like “are you sure he’s the one? ” “what do you know about him?”, take your time, calm down and observe. It might be nothing, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.
    Don’t let love blind you, Marriage is not instant noodles.

Well, I only mentioned a few but I believe I’ve been able to pass a message to someone out there. I’ll forever be grateful to my mum for giving me these pointers… ???

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