Ways to Beat Peer Pressure

Monday motivation – How to Deal with Peer pressure

Ways to deal with peer pressure


If all your friends decide to fall off a bridge, would you join them?

Have you ever done something before just because everyone else is doing it?

Ways to Beat Peer Pressure

Or have you been in a position where you lied because you felt if you told the truth, people would look down on you?

We have all been there at some point in our lives, from the very first playground we were in and down to when we’re in a work setting.

Peer pressure is not something for only young people and students. Everyone has experienced a certain form of pressure from individual groups they belong to.

There’s pressure everywhere, in schools, churches, mosques, work places, markets, social media and the world generally.

The world can be a very tough one. There are a lot of things constantly calling out to your attention and it’s really not funny because it can be hard to keep up.

There are certain pressure, however that are not negative. Some pressures come to give you the right push to do better and be better.

Peer pressure could be spoken (words), Unspoken (actions), Positive (benefitting) and negative (extremely detrimental).


This Monday on vasiti Monday motivation, we bring you ways to beat peer pressure


5 ways to deal with peer pressure


Don’t Just say “NO” Mean it!

Ways to Beat Peer Pressure

Basically the first way to respond to any kind of pressure is by saying “No” but is it enough to say no?

When you just say no, it doesn’t really convey your certain intent. Saying something like “No, I don’t do that, No Thanks, No I think I’ll pass” shows an active voice, especially when faced with a spoken kind of peer pressure.

You can also change the subject as fast as possible, this is another proven way to swerve away from the pressure.


Make An Excuse To Leave

Ways to Beat Peer Pressure

When confronted with an unspoken kind of pressure, you can make an excuse to leave the scene. Some people place pressure on you without saying anything.

In places where you find yourself being pressured without words, you can make an excuse to leave by saying “oh, I forgot, I have to go study for a test”

You can also text someone to call you and say it’s an emergency and you have to leave. This would work perfectly if your excuse is believable.


Remember That It Could All Be A Lie

Ways to Beat Peer Pressure

Have you ever been on Instagram or Facebook or any social media in fact, and see people with supposedly better lives, posting and flaunting their cars and what not?

This is one huge cause of peer pressure especially for people who expect so much of themselves. It’s true that the pictures are there, but always have it at the back of your mind that it could all be a lie.


Think Ahead

Ways to Beat Peer Pressure

For the most of it, peer pressure would put you in a big mess. What’s the point of hanging your bag where your hands can’t easily reach?

If you give in to a negative kind of peer pressure, you stand a huge chance of facing a life of regrets.

In beating Peer pressure, it’s always grand to think ahead. Think about what the consequences would be if you did this or that. That way, you prevent making a lot of mistakes.


Choose Your Friends Carefully

Ways to Beat Peer Pressure

Birds of a feather as they say, flock together. If your friends are wrong, you may end up being wrong yourself.

Don’t let people choose you first as a project, learn to choose the perfect set of friends. Those that would understand you, lift you up and set you right.


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