Destiny or choice

Monday Motivation – Destiny or Choice?

Destiny Or Choice ?

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Monday Motivation – Destiny or Choice


Most Nigerian Students have this mentality that almost everything in life is predestined and whatever will be will be. Is this entirely true? Are some people destined to be great while others are destined to be lesser?

Monday Motivation - Destiny or Choice

Are some students just wired to be the ones topping the class and others below them? Or is everything as a result of whatever choices we make.


Here’s our take on the destiny or choice issue

It is true that there are certain things in life that are beyond our control and power.

Some things are bound to just be, like the rising of the sun and its setting, or the ultimate fate of dying that awaits us all.

As true as this is, there are other things in our life that are controlled by the choices we make.

Monday Motivation - Destiny or Choice

It’s like placing light and darkness (literally) and choosing which is best for you to walk in. if you walk at night, you have a huge chance of stumbling on a rock or ultimately falling, but if you walk in the light, you have a less chance of hitting a rock or falling.


As a Nigerian student, Understanding that the choices we make will go a long way to affect our lives and academics is a very good thing.

Don’t blame your failures on destiny, rather blame it on the fact that you may not have prepared well for that test you failed.

Monday Motivation - Destiny or Choice

It’s the laws of Nature. You have a good chance to be successful if you choose to work hard.

Likewise, you have a huge chance to not be successful if you don’t work hard.

Choices we make are a huge part of what determines our future and not entirely by one force called destiny

So choose to make the right choices today to make yourself a better tomorrow


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