Twitter Motivation

Monday Motivation – All The Best Tweets To Help You Kickstart Your Week

Twitter Motivation

The #MondayMotivation has become a Twitter world culture, bringing the best quote from around the world to keep one’s tweeps motivated.

That said, I will not lie to you. Mondays are oftentimes the worst! Who else agrees with me? If you have a good 9-5 or are a student, you would agree with me that Mondays are just not what you’re readily looking out for.

“With A high motivation comes great outcome…” whoever said that.

So instead of sitting at your office desk asking yourself ‘What on earth am I doing here use that minute to read this post down to the very last punctuation. I trust you would.

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Today on our Monday Motivation post, we bring you another Twitter motivation. With a round up of seven amazing motivational tweets, we found on Twitter and as is our custom, every good thing must be shared.

So that said, let’s look at all the best tweets we saw on Twitter this morning.

Hermaine M

Hermaine has a message for you this morning… She wants you to have a good week this week!

Elijah Otieno

This Twitter user is reminding us that we never know except we try. So take some risks today, start that business you’ve always wanted to start… Talk to that hot guy you find attractive. Just try, cause you never know.


Aye, In all your endeavours and achievements, don’t forget to give thanks to God! I couldn’t have said it better.

Evi Coating NG

This painting brand is reminding us to stay focused. Forget the distractions that the world is crawling with, You just need to stay focused.


Carl is telling us that to be successful, you need to carefully select your friends and circle.


Some of us don’t know how mighty we are. This Twitter user is reminding us how important it is for us to know ourselves.


There is no need to over think something when you know you won’t do it. Do things that you are certain of. Don’t be a jack of many trades.

Unilag Danku

Unilag Danku wants us to remember that our happiness is paramount to everything else.


Love is an essential tool in life, but not everyone would love you… Where ever you find love, go with it!

Tyler Whalen

This may just be the only motivation you need for a lifetime…

Are you feeling Motivated already?

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[…] Monday Motivation – All The Best Tweets To Help You Kickstart Your Week […]


[…] Monday Motivation – All The Best Tweets To Help You Kickstart Your Week […]

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