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Monday Motivation – 7 Ways To Beat Low Self-Esteem

Who suffers from low self-esteem the most?

Is it a person who is naturally shy?

Or someone who just likes a solitary life?

whatever your answers may be, the truth of the matter is this: everyone has a sense of self-worth.

Self-esteem is a subjective thing and it’s really not that deep. Having a high self-esteem doesn’t mean that one is proud or egocentric. Likewise, having a low self-esteem doesn’t mean that one is shy or is living in self-pity, or self hate.

What is (Low) Self-esteem ?

In simple terms, self-esteem means how you feel about yourself, how you see yourself in the light of others around you.

Low self-esteem on its own is a feeling that you really don’t matter much, your views, your opinions and your contributions.

How to Tell if You Have Low Self-esteem

The following signs always hint that a person has a low self-esteem

  1. Lack of self-respect
  2. Feeling bad about yourself more than you feel good about yourself
  3. Talking negatively all the time
  4. Not speaking up
  5. Trying to please people all the time on your own detriment
  6.  There is no number six

Now you’ve seen what it means to have a low self-esteem and the signs that may hint that you have a low self-esteem.

Not happy about it? here are seven ways to help you beat a low self-esteem.

7 Ways To Beat Low Self-esteem

Before we start to list these points with their respective memes and gif, you should know that it takes determination and hard work to build one’s confidence.

Believe In Yourself

Monday Motivation - Low self-esteem

The one way to develop yourself and build your self-esteem is by believing in yourself. Develop a character that knows what he wants and where he’s going. Having faith in yourself may be tough but it is key in developing a high self-esteem.

It could be hard, but it’s totally worth it. Believe that you’re the best of yourself that there is.

Stop Pretending Just To Please People

Monday Motivation - Low self-esteem

Many people with low self-esteem will readily do things against their will just to meet the expectations of others. People with low self-esteem can also lie about things they don’t own or lie about what they’re not, just so they would be accepted by one group or the other.

Pretending to be what you’re not doesn’t mean you’re smart, it simply means you don’t have self respect and you have a low self-esteem.

The sooner you accept what you are and what you’ve got, the better it helps your self-esteem

Learn To Say No

Monday Motivation - Low self-esteem

One great way to battle the pressures of forming just to please people is by learning to say “NO”

People who have low self esteem are often the ones who quickly agree to almost everything in the room. This is because they mostly feel like their opinions do not necessarily matter.

Enjoy and Live In The Moment

Monday Motivation - Low self-esteem

If you can learn to enjoy every moment and appreciate the things around, this can build your self esteem and confidence.

Appreciate the things around you, the people around you and every moment of your life.

This is a sure way to beat low self-esteem

Stay Committed to Yourself

Monday Motivation - Low self-esteem

Focusing on oneself is another way to build self-esteem . When you put a lot of energy on yourself and the things that matter, you will build your self-esteem to a point where only the important things come first.

staying committed to oneself is a sure way to build self-esteem

Develop a Mental and Physical Awareness

Know who you are and what you stand for. Learn not to feel down just by what you see or what you think.

Because someone looks more beautiful and appreciated than you do doesn’t mean that they are the boss of you!

You’ve got all it takes, it’s in you.

Participate In Your Own Life Decisions

The one thing that many people with low self-esteem suffer from is the lack of making concrete decisions that actually favours them.

People with low self-esteem let people push them around, they let people tell them what to do, where to be and how to live generally.

This is just wrong. when you participate in your own life decisions, it builds up your self-esteem.

It’s okay to listen to advise but weigh each of your options and choose the ones that works and fits you best.

There you have it, The 7 ways to build your self-esteem.

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