Getting Back Your Excitement

Monday Motivation – 5 Ways To Get Your Excitement On!

Getting Back Your Excitement

How do you wake up each morning?

Do you wake up filled with vigor, vitality and power to face the challenges of a new day (trust me the come everyday)?

Or do you wake up feeling low in spirit and a huge desire to go back to bed?

It’s another season filled with lots of excitement and activities, but it is safe to say that the excitement won’t be equally shared to every earthling.

Today on our vasiti holiday special Monday motivation post (too much words? I know, I’m excited), we bring you five great ways to getting back your excitement for the holiday season.

Five Ways To Getting Back Your Excitement

So are you looking to have fun this Christmas Holiday season? Read through this list.

Or are you not feeling the air of the season and you are looking for a little push to getting back your excitement? Read through this list


Free Your Mind

getting back your excitement

So first things first, you need to take the time to look after our emotional well-being by putting time aside for a quick meditation.

Meditation helps eliminate stress and reduce anxiety. You will feel better, and will look at things differently. We know that the world around you may be spinning fast, but the one thing you need to do is to careless (just for a few minutes).

Own your moments and free your mind off stressful things, work and irrelevant activities.


Care less What Others May Say

getting back your excitement

So our end goal is for us to have fun right? That said, the one smart way to enjoy your holiday is by caring less what people think.

If you care too much what they think about, trust me, you’ll get little or no fun! Although it’s great to take kind and great advice, we advice that when it comes to getting back your excitement, caring too much is no fun!

So let your hair down, go out, take a drink, do whatever you like to enjoy the season!


Say No To Fear

getting back your excitement

Life is unpredictable, and we can embrace our fears or let them hold us back.

Fear is at the heart of many of the feelings we have that make us uneasy. If we aren’t feeling a little apprehensive or scared, then we aren’t trying hard enough.

And it’s hard to get excited when we’re just doing what we need to get by. So push for the extreme, try going to places you’ve never been before, make new friends and just live!


Spoil Yourself

getting back your excitement

(And remember January) Yes the best way to getting back your excitement is by spoiling yourself. There is only one you and you need to do whatever you got to do to make yourself happy.

Is there something you wouldn’t buy on a regular day? Someplace you won’t go on a regular day? try one of those.

So spoil yourself and enjoy every moment of the way.


Set Your Own Rules

getting back your excitement

There are no rules to having fun, you want to have fun? Then go out there and have it!

Find the things you love doing and just do them, set your own rules and stick by them. You can also break them if you like (I mean they’re yours, no?)

When you find the things you love doing, get all the information you need to know about it and just go with the flow, finding and getting back your excitement is just perfect when you are the one making the rules.


So that’s it, all you need to know about getting back your excitement. What do you think about the post?

Let us know by using the comment section. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and have a great exciting New Year.


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