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Monday Motivation – 5 Indigenous Nigerian Proverbs About Hardwork

Monday Motivation – Nigerian Indigenous Proverbs

Are you feeling down and looking for a little push to get you started on your week?

Yes we know that some days are just off and you may find yourself feeling down for no reason at all

Have you had a crazy previous week? Or you are just mad at your boss who didn’t appreciate all of your input the previous week.

We have all been there, trust me. We’ve all had days when we just don’t want to go on anymore, some days where we just want to turn off.

Life isn’t so hard trust me. If you have the right kind of push and the mindset that life isn’t always rosey you’ll be set on a life of long happiness.

Working hard is one key way to ensure your happiness. It may not happen in a twinkling of an eye but be sure that in the long run your happiness is assured.

The white people say “make hay while the sun shines” and today we bring you 5 Indigenous Nigerian Proverbs about hard-working.

5 Indigenous Nigerian Proverbs About Hard-Work


iṣẹ jẹ oògùn si ìṣẹ̀ (work is an antidote to poverty)

Nigerian Indigenous Proverbs
Yoruba Shekere

This is a Yoruba proverb that speaks on the importance of hard work. The proverb in direct English means working is the drug to cure poverty.

It’s a simple plain truth, no work equals no food, no luxury, no comfort and above all it equals poverty.

Whether it’s your job or your studies, it will pay you more to put a little extra effort.

Chọọ ewu ojii ka chi dị (Find The Black Sheep In The Light Of Day)

The Kola Nut has great values to Igbo tradition

The Igbo people are known for their “ilu” which is a tool to savour moments and teach life in several aspects. This Igbo Proverb is one that shows the importance of persistence and hard work.

It simple urges one to continue in one’s labour till one eventually finds comfort and trust me it will happen.

A yi, A gamma, ta Fi takamma, gobe A koma (Never procrastinate, do what you can do now)

Nigerian Indigenous Proverbs
Hausa Crafts

The hausa people of Nigeria are known chiefly for their subtle lifestyle and care-free living. They also have quite a number of proverbs that can motivate you rightly.

The proverb above is bringing to light the dangers of procrastination which can hinder progress anywhere.

It’s not enough to have the mindset of working hard without setting procrastination aside.

Do what you have to do now before it is too late. read that book now, get that degree now, attend that seminar now, check that mail now and make that call now. Learn how to not say tomorrow.


ọ bụ umengwụ nke na-eweta nkụda mmụọ na ihe isi ike (It is Laziness that brings despair and hardship)

Nigerian Indigenous Proverbs
Igbo Antique Musical Instrument

This is another Igbo proverb that shows the importance of working hard to prevent hardship.

Working hard is a tool to prevent a lot of despair and hardship, it may not come right away, the results, but it certainly would.

Even the white man says “no food for the Lazy”

Atelewo Eni Ki n tan Ni’je (A hard working person will never be disappointed)

Nigerian Indigenous Proverbs
Yoruba Talking Drum

The yoruba proverbs explains what you stand to gain from working hard. If you decide to work hard today, you are in for a treat of success, and like i said, it may not happen now. surely, it would happen.

A hard working person will never be disappointed.


Do you know any other Nigerian proverbs (we know that they are a ton of them)?

You can share on the comment box below.


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