Monday motivation

Monday Motivation – 10 Amazing Tweets To Keep You Inspired

Speaking personally, some Mondays when I wake up I just yell (In my head), ‘How is the weekend over already?’

I’m sure we have all been there at some point before. Whether you’re waking up to face that Monday rush classes or that tough Monday 9-5, Mondays generally are just blah!

“With A high motivation comes great outcome…” whoever said that.

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So, if you are reading this now sitting at your office desk asking yourself ‘What on earth am I doing here? use that minute to read this post down to the very last punctuation. I trust you would.

Today on our Monday Motivation post, we bring you Twitter motivation. With a round up of ten amazing motivational tweets, we found on Twitter and as is our custom: ‘every good thing must be shared’ Just as I trust you’ll share this.

So that said, let’s look at ten tweets we saw on Twitter that are just inspiring.


In simple words, this Twitter user reminds us of two essential human tools to boost human relationships. Love and Appriciation.


If you don’t know that happiness is a choice, and it’s in your hands to choose? Now you do!

Richard Nicholls

Remember, there’s power in the tongue, so be careful what you say. Especially to yourself.

Alaba Real

Reality isn’t always real. Test everything before you dive into it. Not all that glitters is gold.


Do not neglect the power of hard work. Put extra effort to that thing your doing, whether it’s work or school, or even a relationship… You want better results in the end? Put extra effort.

Dr Dipo Awojide

This Tweeter User is using a quote from Jose Mourinho to remind us the importance of hard work, consistency and responsibility.


After reading this tweet, Just breath in and out. Find that peace!

Vex King

A note toeveryone feeling low…

Amos Marete

Are you sure you’ve put all your time and energy pursuing the ‘right’thing? A very reflective tweet.

Homely Nigeria

Another note of reminder: Stay positive at all time…

That’s our Ten best tweets to get you inspired for the week… Feeling motivated already?

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