Miracle Wins The Head Of House This Week

Miracle won the head of the house challenge against Ifu Enada, Ahneeka and Leo this week.He managed to clinch such position through a trick in which the housemates were blindfolded and asked to pick balls from the red bucket except the red ball, everyone failed the task except Miracle.Therefore,Miracle would enjoy the rights of being the head of the house throughout this week with his new partner,Anto.Some of the rights are exclusion from evictions,having an exclusive room and head-of-house chair.

Also,the housemates were to form new pairs with the exception of Cee-C and Tobi, who are automatic partners till the end of the show. So, Miracle picked Anto and RicoSwavy chose Bambam.Angel Chose Ahneeka, Tobi chose Alex while Leo Went for Ifu Ennada leaving Teddy A and Nina as automatic partners.

The show host declared that there will be no evictions this Sunday after the pairing show.

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