Microsoft/ Zinox Workforce Training Program For Young Nigerian Graduates

Microsoft and Zinox Technologies Ltd. are offering fresh graduates the opportunity to learn the latest technology and business skills to help you jump start your career.The deadline of the application is May 1 2018.

Benefits of this program

100% Free. This is a Social Responsibility (CSR) partnership between Microsoft and Zinox Technologies Ltd. to enhance the profile of qualified Nigerian graduates in the global job market
Partake in a 6 months course to learn the latest technologies including:
Cloud Computing
Big Data & Analytics
Mobile, Cloud & Game Programming
Machine Learning & AI
Blockchain Technology
Dynamics 365
Develop the right soft skills to be successful in the modern workplace including:
Effective Business Communication
Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
Service and Performance management
Business Finance Essentials
Leadership and Interpersonal skills
Business Etiquette
Learn in a world class environment:
World-class Curriculum created by Microsoft and Zinox specifically for Nigeria
Access to latest hands-on labs to fully immerse you in the new technologies
Work with experienced facilitators
Facilities available in Lagos, with Abuja and Owerri opening soon
Work in a fully-fitted comfortable learning environment
Work with our 3,000+ partners and customers to place successful candidates in available jobs.
If you want to jump start your career,
Please apply here
Please note that the programme will start within 6 weeks of your application and will last up to 6 months’ full time.

Visit the Official Website of the Microsoft/Zinox Technologies Workforce Training Programme 2018 for more information.

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