How To Make An Ankara Shoe

Hey, guys.

Welcome back to Trendy Tuesday and we are still basking on Ankara Styles 101.

This week, we shall be looking at how to make an Ankara shoe.

First of all, its important to know that Ankara adds colour and style to your outfit, wearing an Ankara shoe goes far ahead of the stereotypical way of rocking ankara material.

About two weeks ago, we looked at various styles one can use with Ankara

Last week, we looked at how to make an Ankara bag.

And today, let’s look at Ankara shoes.

Materials needed:
*Old shoes( Best to use covered shoes which are firm and not those that have practically lost shape).

*Piece of fabric ( Enough to cover the shoe)


*Sharp Razor blade

*A knife or any flat metal tool that can be used to push the fabric in. (Improvisation is key)

*Fabric adhesive (UHU gum)

*Tailor’s chalk or pen

Preparatory stage.

1. Clean the shoe properly. Check to see if it is peeling or needs a resole. if it is peeling, dust off the flecks or scrap completely to obtain a smooth surface and If it needs a new sole, wait till after wrapping and give a shoe maker to resole.

2. Place the fabric on the shoe, there’s no particular measurement, size of fabric used is dependent on the shape and size of shoe to be covered. But ensure you covered the shoe completely with the fabric except the sole, mark out points using a pen or tailor’s chalk for easy tracing .

3. Cut the fabric along the marked points.

4. Apply adhesive on the shoe and carefully placed the fabric on the shoe noting the marked points, heel, front,sides e.t.c..

Application of glue to heel.

5. Notch using a blade the center of the fabric ,wherever the fabric feels tight, make little notches (V-shaped cuts) and around the corners for easier wrapping.

6. Apply adhesive on the fabric and Gently pull tight to make it firm on the shoe, the key here is work fast, use less adhesive because any delay causes the fabric to squeeze and too much adhesive smears your work.

7. Once the shoe is covered, use the pointed tip of the knife to push in the excess, Start with both sides. the front and the shoe’s back will be done last .If the excess is too much, trim it off with blade,but be careful not to trim off too much and part of the shoe left uncovered.Wipe off excess glue.

8. Neaten you work by using 2 strips of fabric (1.5”,the two sides folded in a little) to tape the inside of the shoe, a decorative ribbon or lace trimming can also be used. To also accesorize the shoe,You can use a shoe filler for as an insole,or sew on flower petals or colored buttons on the shoe.

You could also follow the same steps for your strap sandals heels.

Your shoes should look like this:

Ankara shoes.
Ankara shoes
Ankara shoes.

You could also use Ankara for shoelaces!

Ankara shoelaces

Practice makes perfect, so the more you practice, the more perfection sets in.

Refer your friends and family to this post. Drop your questions and comments.

And of course, join us next week for the next episode of Trendy Tuesday. ?

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