I Love My Babe, But She Is Suddenly Too Busy For Me…

Agony Aunt.

Heyy, guys.

Today is Thursday, and we are bringing another episode of Only On Vasiti – Agony Aunt.

You know, sometimes, to keep your relationship going, you have to compromise. If you don’t, you’re going to keep having personality conflicts with your partner. Let’s look at this report…

What’s up, Agony Aunt.
So, I’ve been dating my babe for three years now. We are goals to everyone, or probably, we used to be goals,and I actually want to go a long way with her.  She has been really good, and we’ve both been happy.
About five months ago, she ran for Vice President of our faculty in school. I encouraged her as a normal gentleman would. I actually wanted the best for her. From soliciting for votes, to campaign strategies to  hiring vehicles to transport students the voting center. I was there all the way. I even went as far as getting 10k to hire a projector for her campaign. Thankfully, she won the election.
After that, our calls reduced, bae time reduced. Now, I barely even see her. She’s always at one meeting or the other. Or in the exco’ s office.
Sometimes, I feel she is cheating. It’s sad that she’s not there for me when I need her, but I was there for her throughout, I’m still here for her now, she just doesn’t realise it.
I don’t know what to do, really. I love her and I don’t want to cheat on her.
– Anonymous. “

I know sometimes, we tend to get real busy with school work and stuff. But we entered a relationship because of love and understanding.

She really wanted to be Vice president and we all know it comes with a lot of work load, in addition to normal school work. You have to understand her busy schedule. I’m sure she wants to hang out with you, but the amount of work she has is not allowing her to.

Where the girl faulted is pushing away those who were there for her in low times when she is in a high place now. I know she did not intend it, but she’s doing it.

We need to understand that a relationship comprises of two people, yourself and your partner. We need to try to be there for them when they need us.

This is where compromise comes in. Yes, she may be too busy, but not for the one she loves and the one that stood by her against all odds.

Compromise is all about sacrificing a little in order to balance the relationship. A relationship should be two sided, and efforts dispensed into the relationship should be more or less equal from both parties in the relationship.

She loves him, yeah, then she should sacrifice a little for him the same way he sacrificed for her during the election campaign.

I’d advise both of them to sit down and communicate. Let her rearrange her schedule and add bae time to it.

If the situation doesn’t change, if he can endure and understand, then so be it.

If he cannot, I’d advise him to leave, he’s not happy, so what’s the point of staying where he is unhappy?

I would also not advise him to cheat. That’s just totally wrong and it is going to add more fuel to the fire .

If you have any advice for him on this issue, please drop them in the comments section below.

Ant additions, subractions? You know what to do. Put them in the comments section below.

Do well to refer your friends to this post. You may just be doing them a favour. ?

And don’t forget, we meet next week Thursday.

Have a lovely love life. ??

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