I breathe in the putrid smell of blood and smoke and asked myself why I’m still alive.

Then I saw him,

He looked at me but I know he did not see me.
I stared into his eyes and all I saw was an abyss of agony, a reflection of sadness.

He stood up and staggered like a man under the intoxicating effects of liquor.
His eyes red from unshed tears as he looked over to the body of his wife and four daughters.

His eyes moved hopelessly without focus until it settled on me.
My breath hitched in fear because in his eyes I saw a depth of pain and emptiness I’d never seen before.

“son if you don’t leave while you can, your pain would be greater than mine” he said

“where exactly can I go when the blood of innocents decorate the road out of town”

“where do I go when all I ever knew and lived for is here”.


This was written as regards the killings in Nigeria. It is not about the bad governance it is about propagating love amidst one another.

Let love reign!

Let the killings stop!!

Let us have a one Nigeria!!!

And it start with you and me.




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