safety on nigerian campuses

Living On Campus — 10 Survival Tips

Safety Nigerian Campuses

Tips to ensure your safety on Nigerian campuses

There is nothing as refreshing and satisfying as finishing something that you’ve started. Studying and Living on a Nigerian Campus comes with both great excitement and even greater challenges.

Here are 10 Helpful tips to Survive On Nigerian Campuses



#1 Mind Your Business

Nigerian campus

It is true that you are in a community with several other people and it is true that your are expected to socialize and all, but don’t forget that these are people you don’t know from the start.

Minding your business is a good start to playing safe on any Nigerian University.

#2 Be Time Cautious

Nigerian Campus

The one thing that most students have no control over is their time. If you can be very careful enough to know what to do at the right time, then you would hardly fall into any sort of trouble.

#3 Watch where you eat and what you eat

Nigerian Campus

One major problem on Nigerian Universities is food poisoning. The one way to Avoid this is by watching who is giving you food, where you are eating and what you are eating. some people come as friends but are just out to hurt you.

#4 Be Observant

Safety On Nigerian Campuses

whether you are in the hostels or outside the school, or even in class, it is very important to observe your environment carefully. observe a place when you arrive and before you leave.

#5 Be with your ID Card at all times

Safety on Nigerian Campuses

This is very important and should’t be treated mildly. Whether you are going out for a walk or going to eat, you should be with your ID Card.

The ID Card is a means for identifying you.

#6 Go to the Clinic if you feel sick

Nigerian Students

One mistake that Nigerian students make is that they fail to use the health centers in their various respective institution. Some students prefer to call home immediately they feel sick which is not entirely bad.

#7 Avoid confrontations

If someone is confronting you over an issue, try to be as calm as possible. Also avoid confronting people over issues because you don’t know who is who on your campus.

#8 Have a balanced Routine

safety on nigerian campuses

Having a balanced routine for your academic and social life is one successful tip for you to see through the end of your stay on Campus.

#9 Know your friends and keep a close circle

There is nothing wrong about knowing the people you move with. so don’t be afraid to ask some questions.

#10 Avoid staying out late And Never Walk alone at Night

Do whatever you have to do quickly so as to avoid being stranded at odd hours where you are vulnerable.



The University can be interesting and as well very dangerous so these tips can come in handy to most Nigerian Students on  Nigerian Campuses. Especially those who just gained admission.


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