Listen, Before You Make That Sex Tape; Read This!

It seems like sex tapes are what is in vogue now. I didn’t say it o. But, come on, everyone is making sex tapes, and the smart ones as well as the not so smart ones are getting burned.

In case, just in case you’re really thinking of jump into that pool, you better read and digest these five points:

1. Don’t make one at all.

do not do it

You were not expecting that, were you?

Listen, before you make that sex tape, maybe you should rethink, and ask yourself, do I really need this?

I mean, what doesn’t exist can’t leak, can it?

2. If you’re going to make one, then for heaven’s sake, don’t show your face!

Okay, apparently step one is not going to work for everybody. Some people just need something to look at.
Well, bros and sissies; if you’re going to make a sex tape, then by all means necessary, do NOT let your face show.

Nope, not even your forehead.

3. Don’t do it… don’t send that video.

Image result for herm edwards don't press send meme

Okay, so you have your video. What do you do? I’ll tell you: keep it to yourself.

Don’t send it to anybody! Sorry honey, not even to your best friend.

4. Delete It!

Seriously, this is one of the most underrated steps in the history of mankind. Watching that sex tape two to three times is enough; get rid of it!

You never can tell.

5. Keep Your Mouth Shut.

I know your body, spirit and soul is probably itching to brag about your sexual prowess and skills; but don’t.

Bragging about it will give really determined people the will to dig it out.

6. If the devil is after you and it ends up leaking somehow, just look for where to hide.

Yep. Read that again.

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