The Linda Ikeji Controversy Surrounding Her Pregnancy…

If you can recall, it was posted on Vasiti Magazine, on 20th May 2018, that Linda Ikeji is pregnant. This was confirmed by Laura Ikeji and Linda Ikeji herself.

This is normally supposed to bring happiness to a lot of people, however this news has raised a lot of questions and criticisms.

First of, Linda has failed to say who is responsible for the pregnancy. We all know that she is engaged, but to who? Rumors have it that she’s engaged to one of her ex’s, but hey, I’m sure she has been in more than one relationships in the past witg different guys, so which ex exactly.

Even on Twitter, Don Jazzy denied being the father of the unborn child.

Kemi Olunloyo, a controversial blogger,has also said that Linda is wearing a prosthetic baby bump. She compared her to Beyonce,and asked her viewers who rocked the prospective baby bump better between Linda and Beyonce.

Asides who the father of the child is, there is a controversy surrounding Linda Ikeji being circumcised.

In 2007, Linda Ikeji posted on her blog that her and her sisters were circumcised. She stated that her mother did this not because she is cruel, but because it was the norm then in keeping your daughters from being promiscuous. She also added that the fact that she is circumcised does not stop her from enjoying sex.

Interestingly, Linda Ikeji is known for her celibacy teachings. She encourages girls not to have sex and all.

So, how then is someone that practices and teaches celibacy pregnant??? Did she impregnate herself or??? This is what baffles a lot of people.

A lot of Tweets described this situation as a woman who constantly screams “Men are scum”, but is still getting dicked by a man.

To clear this roller coaster of confusion, Linda Ikeji on her Instagram, posted that the trolls she has been getting does not affect her anymore, as she has been in the social media game for nearly twelve years now.

She said that she’s mostly interested in the young girls she looks up to. She confirmed that she has preached celibacy a lot of times, but she has never said that girls should not have sex before marriage.

She said that her celibacy preaching means girls should not give their bodies out to a man for money, and sex should only happen when a girl is in a loving relationship with a man that she loves and loves her back.

As a matter of fact, she added that she was hundred percent celibate until she was ready to share her life with the man of her dreams, but she failed to disclose his name.

Now, this post and her 2007 post are conflicting. In her 2007 post, as stated earlier, she said that she enjoys sex irrespective of the fact that she is circumcised, while in today’s post she said that she has been 100% celibate until she met the man of her dreams.

Its either she met the man of her dreams in 2007 there about, or she is merely contradicting herself. ?

It could also mean that this man of her dreams is the one responsible for the pregnancy.

It all points down to Linda to clear up this confusion created. Hopefully, the father of the child would be disclosed soon, and of course, trust Vasiti Magazine to record it immediately.

Don’t forget to drop your comments, let us know how you feel about the Linda Ikeji Controversy. ?

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