Lagos And The Sugar Daddy Syndrome.

This Sugar Daddy issue is very underrated in this Lagos. Very underrated. You know how you just want to go out, chill with your friends, and just have a good time?

Well, that was the plan Naomi and I had.

From the number of times we go to cinemas ehn, you’ll think we’re major shareholders, or na we get the film; so we decided to go to Kalakuta Musuem; try something new. I mean, we’ve been hearing Fela this, Fela that; let’s go see what the hype is all about. Plus, it’s just in Ikeja, not far from us at all.

Imagine two girls that do not know road going somewhere. Ahhh, the way keke drivers gba us ehn! That’s a story for another day.
Okay we got there, had the tour (very enlightening, by the way).

Fast forward to the end of the tour.

We decided to go to the rooftop restaurant to just relax, and maybe get something to eat.

By the time we got the menu, and saw that rice alone is almost 2k, we quickly dropped it. But to save small face, I bought sprite while and went to sit down. But the way those attendants were looking at us ehn, like, after scanning menu left and right, it’s only sprite this one bought.

Let me sha drink my sprite and enjoy breeze.

Now, Naomi and I were just having a quiet conversation, when this loud voice just starts shouting, the person was coming up the stairs with his entourage of three to four guys.

This man should be in his sixties o; shouting who the fuck is here, come and serve me, motherfuckers. In my mind I’m like okayyyy, this one na big man. It was like film trick when this man came all the way to sit at our table, while his entourage arranged themselves on the side bar.

In my mind I’m thinking, shey it’s not time for us to be going like this?

Naomi was already pinching my leg under the table, like, let’s be going. Going where? I must finish this sprite here.

Almost immediately, this man asked the expected cliche question: what are you two beautiful girls doing here?

Naomi is a very socially awkward person, so I did not even expect her to answer. I told him we just came for the tour and to know a little more about Fela.

Naomi just keep looking everywhere. Everywhere but our table.

The conversation delved into normal talk: what did you study, what school, ah Covenant, baba e ma lowo o (your father must be rich o); asked what we wanted to eat, but we gracefully declined.

Naomi was still conducting survey with her eyes.

That’s how this man asked me, what’s wrong with your friend? Naomi is still looking up, left, right. In that same order.By now, this girl has given me up to twenty kicks under the table. I could literally hear her thoughts screaming let’s go at me.

But the sprite and that breeze I came to collect, must enter my body very well.

By the time the man moves his chair closer to mine, and whispered, I like you, let’s meet without your friend. I knew it was time to go.

I’ll collect breeze in my house.

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