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Just When You Think Your Village People Cannot Get You; Then This Happens (Part 2).

Some things actually look like it’s a joke.

Until it happens to you.

So, where was I?

If you have not read the first part, and you ended up here somehow; it is not late, catch up on the story here

Moving on,

PSI 211 – Pending.

Then I remember last session when I realized the result of this course – which I killed- wasn’t in my result.

Before you say I didn’t do anything since that time,

I went to my lecturers o, and H.O.D too. They all promised, “my dear, just keep checking your portal, it will be rectified”.

See ehn, don’t ever believe anything those lecturers say. Anything.

Especially the ones in my school.

So, imagine I just went on with life, not even bothering to check; that’s how one nonsense 200 level course will make me spill over.


School resumed, and the first thing I did was go back to complain.
I got the same old “ahh, it still hasn’t changed? Don’t worry I’ll look into it”.

That was when I knew I was on my own.

You mean I should wait till first semester passes by; and then it’s too late to do the course?

Thank you very much, but I’ll pass.

I had to do the course o.

It has got to be the most embarrassing thing ever; because all those 200 level students would have been thinking:

ah, this olodo final year student is still struggling with 200 level course.

Their Father.

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The their father part got me laughing hard. Pele.

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