“It’s Not a Sin to Drink” – Lynxxx

Born-again Rapper Lynxxx

Do you think it’s alright to drink or smoke?

In the last year, hip-hop star, Lynxxx made a public announcement about giving up his old ways!

He reportedly said that he has given up his old ways and has surrendered fully to God, and that he is now born again.

However, the born again brother was recently spotted drinking and smoking at an event.

Born-again Rapper lynxxx

Does his actions hint anything to you? Can we trust fully that Lynxxx has fully repented?

In a recent interview with the media, he cleared up the air about his actions.

He also reminded his fans and the general public that his new found love in God doesn’t stop him from having a good time.

What he had to say

”It is not a sin to drink (alcohol). What was Jesus’ first miracle in the bible? He turned water to wine. My old friends in the entertainment industry still hang out with me”

Born-again Rapper lynxxx

“I am born- again, but I am not doing gospel music and I don’t do secular music anymore too. I’m not saying to call myself a minister of God just because I performed at a gospel show. I don’t have a name for my kind of music. If I feel like praising God today, I will make a song about God and it doesn’t mean I am a gospel artiste”

When he was asked about why he hasn’t released any music recently, he hinted that he was focusing mostly on his business and God.

Born-again rapper lynxxx

It was in 2015 that the rising hip-hop/rapper announced his new found love in God.

What do you think about this?

Is this a publicity stunt in the long run or just a man trying to live in the moment?

What’s your take on drinking alcohol or smoking?

Share your thought on this by commenting below.

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