Cynthia's Rape Story

It was Attempted Rape – Cynthia’s Friend, Anita Finally Reveals

After all the brouhaha of the past hour about the False Allegation of Rape by Cynthia and a twitter user @ynotes.

Cynthia’s friend, Anita, has finally responded.

In case you missed the story, Click here on everything you need to know about the case.

Meanwhile, here are the characters in this story

Anita is the friend of Cynthia that got raped.

Cynthia was the one that posted the story on Twitter

Ynotes is the guy that was accused and his taking them to court.

After the uproar the recordings caused, Anita who is a major character in this story has come out to declare that “Rape did take place

Here’s what she said transpired.

Now, what do you think of Anita’s version?

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