Impact Leaders Club Give Back To School In “Keep It White”

Members of Impact Leaders Club, Adekunle Ajasin University chapter embarked on voluntary board whitening project to give back to the community.

The event was organized by the club to ensure that whiteboards in the lecture theatres and halls were whitened.

It began with the convergence of the members at the Relaxation Centre, all with one purpose.

While speaking with the chapter President, Oluwagbamila Damilola, he berated the conditions of the boards. He also pointed out that many students and facilitators have shown no interest in the problem.


Impact Leaders Club

It was their negligence that brought the initiative to make a change.

Whiteboard markers in the school are consistently left in bad shape. With permanent inks destroying them, this continues without anyone taking the initiative to clean it, not even the class reps.

We started at the end of the second semester of the last Academic session when we wiped some boards clean. This time around our focus is on Awolowo, Tetfund and Yaradua halls. While also putting dusters in most of the LTS in school.

Oluwagbamila Damilola

Meanwhile, he expressed his appreciation to the club members for standing up for the activity.

He also expressed the need for more from the club.

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There’s no limit to impact-making and there’s still a lot to be expected from Impact leaders Club. We have a lot of plans for the development of the institution.

Impact your World leadership initiative, the mother body of the club ain’t holding back on supporting us and motivating us to do more and more so as to leave a lasting dent in whatever corner we find ourselves. We thereby call on every AAUA students who wants to join to look out for our recruitment advert come first semester of next session.”, he said.

Oluwagbamila Damilola

The project came to an end and members of the club were appreciated for their efforts and commitment.

What difference are you making in your campus today? The students of Adekunle Ajasin University have dedicated a huge portion of their time in improving better learning for themselves.

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