IFC Exchange contest 2019

IFC Exchange contest 2019

We are very pleased to inform interested persons that applications are now open for the IFC Exchange contest 2019.The aim of the contest is to inspire but facilitate dialogue on innovative ways to engage young people in infrastructure and natural resources.


The recipients of the  top three proposals travel to Dakar, Senegal to attend and present their proposal for final judging at the IFC Sustainability Exchange between June 17-19, 2019.

Eligibility Criteria

Innovators between the ages of 18-35 years (as of May 5, 2019) from around the world are invited to participate.
The competition is open to nationals of ALL countries. Participation extends to eligible individuals with the drive to innovate regardless of their occupation (e.g. students, NGO leaders, government officials, start-up creators, technical experts or any other).
The organisation requires a new proposal, original innovation, product, technology or service but based on catalyzing growth through infrastructure, harnessing technology, inclusion and shared benefits (for private sector and communities).
The scheme accepts only  one submission per contestant.

Application Procedure

The application portal  ask for the following:
Title, name, age and photo
Short abstract (200 word limit)
Explanation of problem and context (200 word limit)
Explanation of your solution (1000 word limit)
(Sharing of answers through 1000 word text response 200-word video* or audio clip (3 minute limit), poster, charts or well-captioned presentation
Why is it relevant and how will it bring social and/3-minute on mental benefits to a community/country/region?
What is new about it?
By who, how and implementation period.
What is the expected impact?
Does it have a strong potential for  replication and scaling up?
What are the challenges you might face and  mitigation techniques?
Any non-English video must contain English subtitles.

Formatting Guidelines

Cite all appropriate information.
The scheme prefers English or French  but submissions requires one of the following languages: English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Russian or Portuguese. All submissions completed in a language not listed above receives automatic disqualification.
But the acceptance of Proposals are only via the survey monkey link.

Evaluation Criteria

Evaluation requires how well the following four attributes are demonstrated:
Significance:  specificity of proposed idea is enough to reflect some level of depth related to the themes but significant enough to impact a large number of people and/or private sector companies or countries.
Originality and creativity: submissions should present ideas that are either undeveloped or severely underdeveloped in international development research and literature but showing originality and creativity.
Feasibility: the proposal should include a brief ‘roadmap to adoption’ on the feasibility of the solution and addresses any roadblock.  Actionable but measurable submissions is an asset; practicality rather than theory is more preferable. The organisation encourages Regional or country focus.
Clarity:  Clear and concise proposals have more edge.


The Judging Panel composes of World Bank the Group staff and external experts but the IFC determines the  exact composition of the Judging Panel.

Finalists  present their proposals in front of the Judging Panel (“Presentations”) during the IFC Sustainability Exchange in Dakar.

Visit the Official Website of the IFC Exchange contest 2019 for more details.

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