How To Become A Physiotherapist Without Going To The University

So you want to be a physiotherapist?

Oh, You also don’t want to go to University? well, it’s actually not that much of rocket science. There are many crafts and practices that don’t essentially need a University education and a degree. For something as heavy as physiotherapy is it possible to become a physiotherapist without going to the University.

I know, it’s like saying. ‘How To Be A Lawyer Without Going To A Law School’ Is that even a thing?

Okay, without wasting any more time, let’s see how you can be a physiotherapist without a University education.


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There is literally no knowledge that can’t be passed down by just simply observing. So many, Physiotherapist, like many other professions are always in need of a hand. They’re always looking for someone they can say to ‘pass the balm please’. If you are serious about being a physiotherapist without going to university, you may want to be this guy.

Certifically, you may not be qualified but based on your accumulated knowledge from your attention, you may go ahead and put that in your CV.

YouTube Your Way To Knowledge

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So this one is a little problematic, but will you learn anything? Of course! On the Internet (YouTube) there, are thousands of sources that are ready to give you an education right at the comfort of your home.

Again, it comes with no certificate or recognized title, except of course you want to create you, albeit ‘Certified YouTube Taught Physiotherapist’.

Just Go To The University Already

Image result wey dey for physiotherapist in Nigeria

Yes I know I said no University earlier, but on a second note, you could actually just go through those professional years of studying to become a physiotherapist without actually being there.

The good part of this one is that it comes with a degree, a certificate.

In conclusion, before you decide to go to the University or to just learn from someone, you need to read this.

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