Hospitals, Police Report & The Tragic Death of Moradeun

The name Moradeun is currently trending on Twitter

For a rather unfortunate incident.

According to the account, @Tomiwale.

A friend of his, Moradeun, was stabbed in the neck on her way back from work and he claimed that the hospital she was taken to located in Gbagada failed to treat her without Police Report.

Here’s the tweet

But there seems to be controversy about the Lady’s death and the allegation that she wasn’t treated due to the lack of a police report.

While another user threated to “make sure the hospital sued” the accuser for posting False Information.

According to his version of events, the lady was treated before she was referred to another facility;

Obviously from the accounts, there are two sides to the story but one thing that is confirmed is the death of the lady in question.

But one ugly matter still rears its head… The matter of Police Report before treatment.

This particular act of demanding for Police report before treating a patient is an-age old practice in Nigeria but the National Health Act law which was signed into law on October 31st in 2014 by the Goodluck Administration states in section 1 Part 3 of the Act which details ’emergency treatment’

“A health care provider, health worker or health establishment shall not refuse a person emergency medical treatment for any reason. A person who contravenes this section commits an offense and is liable on conviction to a fine of N100,000 or to imprisonment for a period not exceeding six months or both”, the section reads in part.

So, why are hospitals still getting away with this act of requesting a police report before treating a patient?

Why is their fear of not getting the police report over saving a life despite the Act?

Take a look at this tweet

The answer is IGNORANCE

Here’s the story of Obinna Oleh

He lost his sister because she was bleeding profusely after she gave birth to triplets in a hospital in Abuja.

This was clearly an emergency but because he didn’t have enough funds, the hospital refused to treat her.

The hospital denied the incident and Obinna never got justice.

This story happened just last year and when he was asked if he knew about the National Hospital Act.

Obinna didn’t.

Obinna is not the only one, a large population of Nigerians don’t know about this law.

Even health practitioners

There is a need to sensitize Nigeria on this law so we no longer lose promising lives to the hands of “Police Report Request”

I think the Ministry of Health should make it compulsory for every hospital in Nigeria to paste the section 1 Part 3 of the Act on their Walls, so we know who to hold when there is an emergency and somebody asks for the police report.

The Death of Moradeun

One party claims they asked for a police report in the first Hospital leading to Moradeun’s death while another party claim that she was treated and was alive before she was transferred.

But if she was taken to the center…where’s the proof?

Please give your thoughts on this case as it unfolds.

We will keep you updated.

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