Hikmat Gbadamosi

Hikmat Gbadamosi; Here is Why This Uniport Fresher Committed Suicide

It’s a moody period at the University of Port-Harcourt as one of its students recently took her life.

And your favorite student Magazine is here to bring you all the details of the tragic case of Hikmat Gbadamosi; a 100level student of Chemical Engineering.

Hikmat GbadamosiUniport’s Hikmat Gbadamosi was yet to conclude the first semester at the University when the tragic incident happened.

According to reports, Gbadamosi was battling age-long depression which resulted in her untimely demise.

Her bestie was reported to have said that the deceased had been battling a medical condition since birth and the resulting pain sent her into depression.

And this tragic incident happened when the pain became unbearable.

Here is a short 7-sec clip of the Late Hikmat Gbadamosi before her tragic end.


In this video, the late Hikmat Gbadamosi could be heard saying “…it worsens every time and I don’t know who to call”.


Gbadamoi was assumed to have consumed two bottles of “sniper” on Saturday and was only discovered on Monday after her best friend stormed her room with other classmates to check on her and know why she didn’t show up in school for a test they had yesterday.

Her colleague claimed that the late Gbadamosi who hails from a wealthy family was always withdrawn from people and didn’t allow her friends to visit her at her hostel off-campus.

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