Football is a nation-wide sport; I mean, it is either you play it, watch it, like it, argue about it, or have friends who are really into the sport; oh and let’s not forget betting; that is an everyday thing for many football fans. Meanwhile, some people are only into football during the World Cup (like me).

There are people that can kill for it, and no, I am not exaggerating. Personally, I know someone whose entire week is already spoilt if his favorite football team loses a match; and I will just be there like, what is even doing this one? As in, Sunday’s match o, and the thing is still in the middle of his head till Saturday.

Now imagine someone coming to tell you that football belongs to the devil. Ahhhh. I am sure you are like, kilode gan. So if the game itself is devilish, that makes the player what? Originators of hell? haha

But wait o, maybe that is why Manchester United are even called the Red Devils.

Don’t mind me o.

Apparently though, these are the ideas, thought, and works of Evangelist Funmilayo, who seems to think that anything good at all is a weapon of the devil. I am sure that the British officers that introduced Christianity to Africa are rolling in their graves right now.

This life ehn, it is better to not take everything we see, read or hear too serious.

So, what do you think? Is Funmilayo right or just delusional? We love to hear your thoughts! Do share with a die hard football fan.

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What a beautiful write-up.
I can so relate to the experience of people depressed cos their team lost.


Football fans gather here


That’s life mehn, everything sweet is the devil’s work. Please people should change their mentality

Daniel Sanctify
Daniel Sanctify

Nice write up! Here’s the thing….
To make heaven, just believe! John 3 vs 16… All these gymnastics they’re doing up and down ehn, neither Jesus nor the Apostles nor the early church taught it … But because we have people looking for Fame and all those rubbish they’ll come and speak the things the devil shows to them… Radarada oshi… By the way… I’m a Manchester United Fan and i identify with the Red Devils …. If you like say I’m going to hell … Wahala life e niyen…

Tamunokuro William-West
Tamunokuro William-West

People any thing you don’t have idea or experience about just shut up about it don’t critic it.

Always do your best to extract information from everything.

The wise one would listen and add to his/her learning.

Did you know that so many things will stand as witness against or for you before God?

Unbelief and regrets always work hand in hand, only that unbelief often show up first, while regrets show up in the end.


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