Suicide and Depression

Here Is How Students Of AAUA Are Fighting Suicide And Depression

Suicide & Depression On Campuses

Suicide is the act of intentionally causing one’s own death. Mental disorders, including depression, bipolar disorder, personality disorders, and substance abuse, including alcoholism, are risk factors.

Suicide cases are also impulsive acts caused by stress from financial difficulties, troubles with relationships, or bullying.

The rate of suicide is on a high side, especially among students.

Students of Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba (AAUA) gave their opinion regarding suicide many opined that suicide is terrible and needs close attention.

200 level student of the criminology department, Kayode Samson, was of the opinion that suicide has become a rampant issue in the country. According to him, depression is the main cause of suicide.

AAUA Suicide and Depression

To prevent suicide, we just have to limit access to the methods people have adapted for suicide. Remove firearms, drugs and poisons around campuses.

100 level student of the computer science department, Ifeoluwa Kolawole.

Suicide also happens when an individual is being too secretive about him/herself in almost everything. ‘when some people are suffering from any ailment, even if it is life-threatening, they will rather endure the excruciating pain until it kills them or they commit suicide, instead of sharing the problem with others. A problem shared is half solved, there is nothing new under the sun, don’t keep sealed lips over your problem’

Tope Adebayo 400 level sociology department.

We should improve the economic condition of the country, parents and Guardians should not be too harsh on their kids/wards when things aren’t right.

Olamilekan Babalola 200 level mass communication department.

Students have also set up an organization that tackles this problem

Mother Hen Foundation is a prominent organization that will run campaigns against various social vices on campus. Ranging from rape, cultism, cybercrime and theft, indecent dressing and other vices that are against the norms of the society.

Mother Hen Foundation is a conglomerate of passionate young intellectuals dedicated to helping young people exploit their youth for positive achievements’.

Johnson Emilade, Stakeholder, MHF

He also explained that the Foundation is a non-governmental organisation they established in 2018 to further the cause of moral uprightness amongst youths and to help rid our society of different ills.

Suicide and Depression Awareness Foundation (SADAF) is also another organization created to fight against suicide in AAUA. It is also a non-governmental organisation (NGO).

AAUA suicide and Depression

The foundation started because of the increasing rate of suicide and depression in the country. With a mission to enlighten people about depression and suicide and combat the vices through Sensitisation programmes, talks, walks, etc

our mission is also to educate Nigerian Citizens on Depression and suicide prevention through awareness, counselling and advocacy.

Samuel Abodunrin, Stakeholder, SADAF

He also explained that the Foundation is after restoring hope in Nigerian citizens, students, youth and teenagers. Restoring peace and also inculcating in the youth spirit of togetherness and leadership development Training.

Students Of AAUA have taken a stance against sucide and depression, what are you doing in your campus to tackle the rising suicide case in the country and especially among students.

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[…] READ NEXT – Here Is How Students Of AAUA Are Fighting Suicide And Depression […]


Touching… The suicide rate is just too much, almost everywhere you turn to, it’s one case or another. Young people and old, killing each other.


[…] READ NEXT – Here Is How Students Of AAUA Are Fighting Suicide And Depression […]

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