Foods That Help Your Liver

Health Talk Tuesday – 7 Great Food That Helps Your Liver

The Liver

The liver is a large, meaty organ that sits on the right side of the belly. Weighing 3 pounds, the liver is reddish-brown in color and feels rubbery to the touch.

Normally you can’t feel the liver, because it’s protected by the rib cage.

Foods that help your liver
The Liver

The liver has two large sections, called the right and the left lobes. The gallbladder sits under the liver, along with parts of the pancreas and intestines.

So the liver and these organs work together to digest, absorb, and process food.

And the main function of the Liver is to filter blood from the digestive tract before they get to other parts of the body.

The Liver also detoxify the body and metabolizes drugs that you take. It is a chemical organ generally.

Many things beyond our control can go wrong with the liver, which includes; Hepatitis, liver cancer, gallstones and general failure.

Some these are caused by excess drug use and alcohol consumption.

That said, Today on our health talk Tuesday, we bring you great foods that helps your Liver function well.


Foods That Help The Liver



Foods That Help Your Liver

Food with lots of fiber can help your liver work at its best. oatmeal are  great to start your day generally.

Try oatmeal. Research shows it can help you shed some extra pounds and belly fat, which is a good way to keep away liver disease.


Veggies And Broccoli

Foods That Help Your Liver

Add lots of veggies to your diet if you want to keep your liver healthy. Broccoli can help achieve this goal.

Some studies suggest this crunchy food (Broccoli) can help protect you from nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.

When steamed, broccoli sounds a little too blah! Instead, shred it into a slaw and toss it with sliced almonds or with cranberry juice.



Foods That Help Your Liver

If you can’t make it through the day without it, you’ll be glad to hear that it have some benefits for your liver.

Studies show that drinking two to three cups a day can protect your liver from damage caused by too much alcohol or an unhealthy diet.

Some research suggests it may lower your risk of liver cancer.


Reduce Sugar

Foods That Help Your Liver

Too much of the sweet stuff can take a toll on your liver.

That’s because part of its job is to convert sugar into fat. If you overdo it, your liver makes too much fat, which ends up hanging around where it doesn’t belong.

In the long run, you could get a condition like fatty liver disease. So do your liver a favor and make sweets an occasional treat.



Foods That Help Your Liver

Is water a food?

No, but One of the best things you can do for your liver is keep a healthy weight.

Get in the habit of drinking water instead of sweetened drinks like sodas or sports drinks. You’d be amazed at how many calories it will save you each day.



Foods That Help Your Liver

Nuts (especially this one) are good sources of vitamin E, a nutrient that research suggests may help protect against fatty liver disease.

Almonds are good for your heart too, so grab a handful the next time you feel like snacking. Or try them in salads, where they add a nice crunch.

You can equally grate them and add them to smoothies.


Herbs and Spices

Foods That Help Your Liver

Want to protect your liver and your heart at the same time? Sprinkle on some pepper, oregano, sage, or rosemary. They’re a good source of healthy polyphenols.

An extra benefit: they help you cut back on salt in many recipes. Cinnamon, curry powder, and cumin are good ones to try, too.

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