Hacks And Tips – 5 Questions A Guy Should Never Ask A Lady

Hacks and Tips

Usually, men believe they know all the hacks and tips when it comes to women. They think they know, for example, all the equations of possible words to open the heart of each type of woman.

It is out of this confidence that they make mistakes by asking the wrong questions.

Hacks and Tips

Questions that can end up smearing her up but here we have put a collection of some questions that hundreds of man should NEVER ask a woman:

How Old Are You?

Hacks and Tips

As a man, you should never (ever) ask a lady her age. Asking this question may even present a lack of general education. It’s a golden rule!

How Much Do You Earn?

Hacks and Tips

I’m sorry, do you think you are an accountant, financial advisor or what? Dare to figure this out, and you will scare her.

How Much Do You Weigh?

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The worst thing you could ask a lady out of nowhere is ‘how much do you weigh?’ Women don’t like hearing this question, especially those who are insecure about their body. So don’t ask it.

How Many Men Have You Been With?

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Brothers, please, except you and this lady have grown to a certain level of situationship‘ you shouldn’t ask her this question. In her mind, you’re trying to put her on the spot and whatever she says would be used against her.

Are You On Your Period?

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On a final note, never ask a lady if she’s on her monthly thingy… just don’t. Wait, think about it, How can you even let out such words?

As said at the beginning, there are hundreds of uncomfortable questions that men should not ask, not only because women find this uncomfortable, but because, even worse, the answers could be catastrophic regarding what you expected to hear.

What do you think about this? Let us know your thoughts by using the comment box.

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Mehn! There are some questions that you are just curious about

The Emperor
The Emperor

I don’t ask these questions but I would ask that number 4

Bobby G
Bobby G

No big deal. I can ask these comfortably

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