Going To Canada? All The Conditions You Need To Meet, Made Easy.

Are you an undergraduate looking to study in Canada? Or perhaps you want to do your postgraduate studies there?

Then, this is one of the best articles you will read.

No exaggeration!

Going to Canada will be very easy and straightforward; just as long as you meet these conditions:

  1. Transcripts – You should budget about 20k foreach certificate you will present. However, the cost primarily depends on your school.
  2. WES (World Educational Services) – For each transcript you want to verify, you will have to pay 93k.
  3. Passport – For each person travelling, you’d need 30k.
  4. IELT – For each adult, this costs 75k.
  5. Medicals – This costs around 46k; but is dependent on the hospital.

If you have fulfilled all of these, and also gotten invitation;

Application Fee – 1040 CAD.

Biometric Fee – 170 CAD.

Then show evidence of the following through an account statement:

Single person – 3.5M.

Family of two – 4.5M.

Family of three- 5.5M.

Family of four – 6.5M.

I might as well say welcome to Canada!

I know you are not the only Nigerian who wants to go to Canada. So, do your friends and family a little favour by hitting the share button.

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