How To Get The Most Out of Your Study Time

Students can get really distracted when they decide to hit their books for an exam or interview of some sort.

Mostly, the situation is that you sit down to read, a message enters your phone and for the next 30 minutes you are there chatting away the time! Like that’s not enough, you suddenly think that’s the best time to check if you have more likes on your last instagram post!

How can you get the most out of your study time? It may be hard at first, but you can make an habit of these.


1.  Keep your phone away!

Your phone has a tendency to distract you with every beep and even the indicator light. It’s like a call to lose focus! Don’t give in. Keep your phone on silent mode. Not vibration. Silent.


2.  No internet.

Turn off your internet. You will be saving yourself the temptation to check out the notifications popping up from your facebook, whatsapp and twitter. The world wide web is just a click away! If there’s any need to use the internet for your study, you just have to be disciplined about it.


3.  Deal with people distractions

It’s good to make it clear to people around you that you will be studying and that you do not want to be interrupted. Don’t fret. It won’t change who they are to you.


4.  Be organized

Get all you need in one place; stationeries, books, water, munchies etc so you don’t have to keep standing up to get those things, distracting yourself.


5.  Sleep well too.

Sleep affects your memory, concentration and brain function.  It’s easy to be tempted to think the time spent sleeping can be spent reading. That’s not true. Do you really want to be efficient? Get enough sleep.


Is there anything I’m leaving out? Share with us in the comment box.

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