Gaininig Admission: The Chronicles of a former Jambite

Gaining Admission Part 2: The Chronicles of a Former Jambite

Although I had credit passes in English language , but unfortunately for me , all I could score in my mathematics was F9.

Yes! I got that woeful grade again.

Prior to the exam, I was attending the same tutorial center I had attended in my final year as a secondary school student the previous year.

And the Centre had great tutors who really taught well and this was the reason why I could not comprehend having F9 in the same subject on  two separate occasions.

I had credit passes in other subjects like English Language, Economics, Commerce, Government but the fact still remains that I must have at least a credit pass in mathematics to gain admission into the University to study the course of my choice, Business Administration.

But I did not have an ordinary pass not to talk of a credit in Mathematics, so my hope of entering the university that year was dashed.

As a result, I concluded to give the examination another try.

After my two attempts at the senior school certificate examinations failed to give me a pass mark in mathematics which was a requirement for my course of study.

I was not perturbed as I bought General Certificate Examination, GCE for Nov/Dec from the following year.

I bought this form with my personal money because I had been working with an uncle in a block-making firm.

Then, GCE were sold less than N3,000. This was when GCE forms were sold in the banks and post-offices across the country and the filling of the forms were done manually.

To achieve my aim of succeeding at the examination particularly having a credit pass in Mathematics and the fact I want to have at least 5 credit passes including Mathematics and English in one sitting.

I started in earnest, reading my rich tutorial notes complemented with my secondary school notes. I studied very hard as I was convinced that the exams would be the last one to get what I wanted.

The examination centre where I was posted to, was a very popular secondary school in Isolo, Lagos, Nigeria. I registered for 9 subjects all of which I was reading vigorously.

I tried to give my best in all the papers I sat for during the exams and I was hoping that my desire would come to pass, but the results of the exams was nothing to write home about because I could only pass four subjects devoid of Mathematics and English.

Can you guess what my next move was?

To be continued

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