Gaininig Admission: The Chronicles of a former Jambite

Gaining Admission Part 4: The Chronicles of a Former Jambite

So after our failed attempt to write the exam that year, we demanded our money back from the tenant.


Till this very moment, we are yet to get our money despite his (tenant) plea. He even wrote us a letter promising to refund the money.

As a result of the situation, my friends and I went to his house several times till he packed out of my friend’s house.

And that was how we missed an examination year and our money. I promised myself from that day on not to partake in examination malpractice.

Because I could not imagine myself not acquiring a university education and the realization that it was only a subject preventing me from acquiring it, I decided to procure another GCE form the next year.

All this while, I had not attended any GCE tutorial class, but I was reading the notes I had during my tutorial class attendance for my SS3 final examination.

I read these notes countless times to the extent that I knew the contents of each topic for every subject verbatim.

So, when the D-day came, I had the confidence that this particular examination would be a success because I had worked so hard for it.

My examination center for that year coincidentally happened to be the same school I had written May/June WAEC as an external student three years earlier.

I wrote the exam to the best of my abilities and waited for the results to be released.

Unlike the previous exams, this time the GCE results were to be checked online with Scratch cards.

When I got the news that the result had been released, I was very nervous but I summoned the confidence to go to a cyber café to check the results.

Immediately I put in the details of my scratch card on the website, my results showed and I glanced at mathematics first.

What did you think I got?

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