Gaininig Admission: The Chronicles of a former Jambite

Gaining Admission Part 3: The Chronicles of a former Jambite

 The saying “ when the going gets tough, the tough gets going”, could be ascribed to my humble self with all sense of modesty.

After my third attempt at procuring at least a credit pass in mathematics, so I can match it with the result of examination where I had credit passes in English Language and some other subjects could not yield positively. I opted for another General Certificate Examination the next year.

Two friends of mine and I had wanted to purchase the GCE forms before one of us informed us about a co-tenant who could help us a achieve success in the exams, although through examination malpractice.

As desperate individuals, we bought the idea and we were charged as high as six thousand naira each by this “helper” for a form that was then sold at one thousand, five hundred naira (N1500). As curious as we were about the fee, we were gullible enough to pay the charged fee without raising eyebrows.

To our dismay. The deadline for the purchase and registration of the form elapsed and we could not get ours done as the “tenant” kept giving flimsy excuses as to the reason why he couldn’t purchase the forms.

Personally, I was disappointed, because the thought of having to wait another whole year to write an examination which I only needed at least a credit pass in mathematics continued to nag at me.

So after realizing we wouldn’t be able to write that year, at least we could get our money back from the tenant.


That is another story for another day.

To be continued.


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