Gaininig Admission: The Chronicles of a former Jambite

Gaining Admission Part 1: The Chronicles of a Former Jambite

No one will hear the story of my struggle to secure university admission, without feeling sympathetic.

You might even describe me as a cat with nine lives knowing what I went through in the course of getting myself admitted into the University

Here is my story;

I wrote my senior certificate examination in a secondary school located in Oshodi. But before this school, I had attended a secondary school in Okota, Isolo where I was posted along with some of my friends from my primary school.

Due to the distance and the cost of transportation, I was transferred to the school in Oshodi where I eventually wrote my senior school certificate exam.

But when the results of the exams were released, I found it difficult to believe that I did not have credit passes in the core subjects of Mathematics and English Language despite my average knowledge of the two subjects especially Mathematics.

If anybody had told me a day before the exam that I was going to fail mathematics, I would have laughed at joker.

But, Alas! I had an F9 in mathematics. A woeful grade.

Although I was able to have credit passes in some subjects like English literature which is also known as Literature but that did not meet the requirements needed to gain admission into any Nigerian University.

Having failed to obtain the required credit passes in five subjects to gain admission, I decided to rewrite the exam.

So I procured the form and sat for the senior school certificate examination agaian but this time as an external candidate in a school in Okota, Isolo where I wrote 9 subjects. How Ironic.

Thankfully, this time around I had credit passes in English language not English Literature but my joy was cut short when I checked my other results.

To be continued

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