FUTA Bullies, Victim, Aftermath – Everything You Need To Know.

On Saturday, the video of a female student of the Federal University of Technology Akure; Ondo State; (FUTA); being beaten to a pulp by her colleagues; made rounds on social media.

The victim, simply identified as Bolu, is a 100 level student of Ecotourism and Wildlife Management in the institution.

In the video below, three students including a male were seen beating the helpless female student.

According to sources, the young lady was assaulted for talking bad about her senior colleagues. 

The source said,

The young lady is a 100 level student and she was having issues with some ladies off campus.
I learnt that the lady always abused them and also exposing some of their bad behaviours like the “runs” they do on campus. 
They set the lady up yesterday and confronted her to begin to repeat those talks about them. 
I am aware that the lady always calls them prostitutes and abuse them for sleeping with guys while leaving fake lives on campus. 
So, they invited a guy claiming to be school father and he was the one using horse wipe to beat the young lady in the video you saw.

Amidst huge outrage on social media; the school’s student union reacted to the viral video; with news that the victim is undergoing treatment in the hospital; and that an investigation was being carried out by management.

Just yesterday, the university management released a statement; condemning the assault; and also announced that all the students involved in the attack will be suspended.

However, this sparked another outrage as people perceived that suspension is too little punishment; and that the bullies should be expelled.

What Is Your Take On The Issue?

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