Four things you should know about Ted Abudu

  • You think you know Ted Abudu? Well check again.


Ted Abudu just got engaged to her heart throb and we can say she has managed to be one of the trending topics on social media.

But then who is Ted Abudu?

Here are the four things you need to know about her

1) She is the daughter to the broadcast and media mogul Mosunmola Abudu ( MO Abudu)  of ebony life TV. Her full name is Temidayo Abudu shortened to be Ted Abudu.










Mosunmola Abudu




2) She graduated with a second class upper distinction from Royal Holloway in London where she studied management and business. She had always had a passion for public relations and media presenting.







Temidayo Abudu




3) She battled with being an overweight for some time before shedding the weight. Hence,  her program on healthy lifestyle on ebony life TV.









4) She recently just got engaged to her heart throb Aidee Mak during his birthday vacation.


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