President Buhari At 76

Four Things In Buhari’s Speech You Should Be Worried About.

The long awaited address of our sinzu money President (don’t ask me where the nickname came from, blame twitter); Buhari, on the status of the covid 19 lockdown finally came yesterday; and there are four things you should be worrying about.

Well, three actually, the fourth one is just a bonus.

1. Curfew.

Am I the only one that did not get the memo about covid-19 now having a timetable? Because, apparently, from 6am to 8pm the virus will be indoors.

That’s not even the issue.

The issue is traffic, traffic and traffic. If you live in Lagos, or you know Lagos well; then you know 8pm is not possible.

2. Kano State 2 Weeks Lockdown.

Over 600 people in Kano state, have died of a mysterious illness in the past week. Medical autopsies are not going to be done, that has been established.

Is Kano about to be the epicenter of the virus in Nigeria? If Lagos could not obey lockdown rules, how much more Kano?

3. Testing.

Apparently Buhari thinks we have reached the peak of covid 19 cases in Lagos, Ogun and Abuja.

Has he forgotten that we haven’t been testing at a high capacity or is there something we do not know?

4. Nigerians that still don’t think corona virus exists.

I was in the salon few days ago (don’t bring me the lockdown violation story, the salon is on my street, come on!); and many of these people were talking about how government is just lying so they can loot money. I jejely scooted away from the person talking; e ni Koba mi.

I mean, that part may be true, but the virus is also true!

Meanwhile, someone said from the 4th of May, it’s face mask, your immune system and Inshaallah.

Nigerians will not kill someone. Check out the hilarious 4th of May jokes Nigerians are making.

What did I leave out?

Do you agree? Yes or no, tell me your reasons.

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The curfew part can’t really work sha


This is so true lmfao


Do you violated lockdown


Nice article


Accurate oh. Didn’t know about the 600 people in Kano story

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