Four Reasons why Private Universities is Preferred over Federal Universities.

Private or Federal University?


Last week, I asked a question on Private and Federal University if you missed it, well here’s the link to the article

So I should have delivered the last judgement yesterday but naija network tho ?.
So yeah you guessed right,
Private University won the most preferred type of university.

Which poses the question;
Why do people prefer Private University?

some specifically mentioned in the comments section that private University makes things or rather education comfortable. In other words, your money buys you comfort.
By now if you Nigerian and not familiar with the terms “ASUU strike”, “NASU strike” even “Students Strike” #LoL?, I suggest you review your citizenship.
Federal Universities and strikes go hand in hand and we are all aware incessant strike actions affect not only the educational structure, but also the academic calendar.
However, there is nothing like that in Private Universities; if you come in for a four year duration course all things been equal, you finish in four years.
Do I need to say more on this ??
No doubt, private Universities are more secured and organized than federal or Government owned University.
As funny as this may sound, people actually go to private Universities to get “connected”.
According to them, if you can afford a good private University, then your parents must be considerably rich if not wealthy.
So attending a Private University opens a whole new world and wide range of connections.
Imagine attending the same classes with one of Otedola’s daughters…….well you got that feeling. #?

Image excerpt from Babcock University.


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