How to make money on campus

Five Ways To Make Genuine Cash On Campus

5 ways to making money on campus

There comes a time in every Nigerian student’s life where one just need some extra bucks for one thing or the other. We have all been there.

How to make money on campus

The tricky thing is that most Nigerian students are stuck in-between knowing the right way to make that extra raise or they just don’t have any idea to it.

Below is a list of 5 ways to make genuine cash on campus


  • Selling your old stuff

    making money on Nigerian campus

This should work just fine for almost everyone, except you’re a hoarder.

We’ve all got one or two things we don’t really use anymore and some that we just pile up in our trunk just for the sake of it. Selling them is a legit way to making money on campus. A few extra bucks to your account, if you’re hitting rock bottom

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  • Offer paid tutorials

making money on Nigerian campus


This would work for almost everyone. There is that one thing you are good at (academically or otherwise) and you just want to teach people.

Finding people with similar interest isn’t impossible on Nigerian campuses, so you could start from little by offering paid tutorials for the one thing you’re good at. Don’t forget to start small.

  • Offer delivery and pick up services

making money on Nigerian campus

Here is another passive way to earn some extra cash on campus and it is not rocket science. It simply only involves you delivering and picking up items within your niche.

  • Become a low-key photographer

making money on Nigerian campus

Another quick way to making money on campus, an extra raise for yourself is to become a low-key photographer. Don’t forget to start small and build the pace gradually.

  • Provide rare and unique services

making Money on Nigerian campus

There are certain things on campus that students need but cannot readily get, if you can identify these things and offer solutions to them, that’s another way of making money on campus.

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