Five Things You Seriously Need To Ask Her Before Bending The Knee In Marriage

He Who find A Wife, Finds A Good Thing… but hey, Just how easy is it to find the good wife

A quick reminder: Marriage is not for everyone and marriage is not something that is supposed to happen to make you feel complete!

That said, I have heard a lot of people, men, and women alike, attributing their sense of completion on the basis of being married to the ‘right one’

Who Is The Right One?

If you are going down the path of marriage, it only makes sense to do it with the right one! Marriages fail because of things discovered later along the way.

Five Things You Seriously Need To Ask Her Before Bending The Knee

So it only makes sense to know every detail as possible before bending the knee or saying ‘I Do’

Now, what are those five things that could cause awkwardness when being inquired about?

The following things may sound petty but hey, these little things can cause a quick divorce if discovered later in a marriage.


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Do you like playing with toys? Do Leathers turn you on? Does role playing sound like a thing for you?

Questions like these sound really absurd but come on! You really want to know what your partner is all about, sexually at least! Trust me, It’s not a problem… Everyone has their own! So say it, spit it out! Unless it’s going to be a sexless marriage… what’s the fun in that?

Money, Pretty Things, Material Things!


So, unlike fetishes, this is a tad more important. The modern-day woman has a sense of independence and responsibility. So having a discussion centered around “Who pays for what? Who is responsible for which bill?” is also important.

Well, except if from the onset she has shown a bit of sole dependency on you, but if not that… I think this is not to be overlooked.

Child Somewhere?

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Imagine discovering that your wife and mother to your three kids have another son who is twice the age of your 15-year-old child? Devastating right?

If your partner has ever been pregnant you’d need to know. She’s actually expected to mention it to you herself But on the assumption that she forgot to mention it despite having been with you for over a year, you should ask.

Sexual Health, STIs History…


This is just so unavoidable, so, Imagine asking your boo if she has ever had an STI and if she ever got treated for it. This will be awkward whether it is the man asking or the woman. But it has to be done.

You’ve got to ask.

So We Get Married, What Next?


I read a story where a couple got divorced over a toothpaste! Ridiculous right?

Well, again, the petty things matter a lot! It may sound ridiculous to you but at some point, before you marry, you need to talk about things like how and where the toothpaste is to be pressed from, whether or not the toilet seat is to be left up or down, whether or not phone calls have to be daily or if texting would suffice.

Is it cool to fart in front of each other? are you okay with me peeing in front of you? Should I close the door before pooping? Should I knock if the bathroom door is closed? Would we need to share mobile phone passwords?

That said, these are the five very trivial things you need to ask her before you bend the knees. And these also are what you ought to ask him before saying ‘I DO’.

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