Five Really Annoying Things Teachers Do.

Anyone who went to secondary school in Nigeria, day or boarding; has that teacher that, if we were God, we’d banish from the face of this earth.

For real!

I’ve highlighted five really, really, extremely annoying things that teachers do:

1. Call on you to answer a question when you did not raise your hand.

Oh my godd, this one has got to top the list. Like, there’s a reason I am not raising my hand! This thing happened to me in SS2, during maths class. If there was any subject I absolutely sucked (and still suck) at, it’s maths.

So you can imagine why I wanted to tear that smug look off Mr John’s face.

2. Punish the whole class because of one person.

This pain hits really different, because, you didn’t do anything. The worst part is when flogging is involved.

3. Reading scores/grades out loud to the whole class.

I was a really bright student, so when teachers did this; I didn’t have any problem, because everyone just gets to know I scored the highest.

But for those that……

You know.

4. Staying beyond their period.

I feel like crying as I type this, because, this thing hurts! Ah God. Mr John Joe, wherever you are, God will forgive you.

Just when you think you’re going to use your free period to chill and talk with your friends from the other class; or that boy you like.

The worst is when they use half of your break time.

5. Giving you lots of assignments during holidays.

Like, can I just enjoy my holiday in peace? I’m begging!

Which one do you relate to the most? And which one did I leave out?

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This was a really nice read


So painful ehn


So hilarious


God I hated secondary school.


Worst years of my life


So true.Lol


Oversabi teachers that year. lol

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