Remember the post of yesterday,that’s the “Linda Ikeji Controversy Surrounding Her Pregnancy”? Well, shit’s about to get real messy. ???

Apparently,this morning, I woke up to seeing rumors that Samuel Olatunji is the father of the child Linda Ikeji is carrying.

First question, who is Samuel Olatunji? ?

Samuel Olatunji is a journalist, and interesting, one of Linda’s ex’s, and more interestingly,he is married. See the plot twist of him being involved? Linda is engaged to one of her ex’s, and it most probable that the ex is the father of the child.

This morning also, Kemi Olunoyo completely bashed Linda Ikeji, saying she cannot get married, talkless of giving birth. Y’all should see this for yourselves.Kemi Olunloyo on Linda Ikeji's Pregnancy

But, back to the father of the child, Samuel Olatunji has also denied the pregnancy through his Instagram page

Don’t worry guys, you don’t have to go back to Instagram.

We got you covered. Below is the conversation that ensued when a follower asked the alleged baby daddy to confirm the authenticity of the news.

Linda Ikeji Baby Daddy

But.. wait a minute.

It’s just amazing how Linda has kept the father secret, and no social media blogger or entertainer has been able to decipher who the father of the child is.

The only thing we are banking on right now is rumors or if Linda decides to tell us if she’s truly pregnant, and if she is, it still brings up the question.

Who is the father of the child? Is the Father the one she is engaged to?

She’s a celebrity, she should not think these kind of information can be left private from social media users. ?? Last last, someone would still find out and cast. And, trust Vasiti Magazine to let you know when the story breaks.

Please, let us know how you feel about the Linda Ikeji pregnancy by dropping your comments at the comment section below.

Also, to understand this post, it is advisable that you read the previous posts as regards Linda Ikeji on Vasiti Magazine.

But, for the meantime, the father of the child, Linda Ikeji, is carrying has not been revealed. ?☺

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