What Your Shoe Says About You

What Your Shoe Says About You


Fashion Friday – What Your Shoe Type Says About Your Personality

What Your Shoe Says About You

There are many things that explain and say more about you than you actually know! The eyes might be the window to the soul, but shoes are the window to just about everything else. What you choose to put on your feet actually does reflect something about you.

Your shoe choices give an insight into the kind of man you are! Be it laziness (socks with slides or sandals), obliviousness (untied sneakers) or keen style savvy (those trendy suede desert boots we love so much!!!).

What Your Shoe Says About You

And hold on, Did you know that a woman not only judges you based on you? yes, it’s all you and your shoe. This is the same way that men judge women based on their shoe type.

So, Brothers, This may just be the right time to step up on your shoe game, everyone loves a good New Year resolution that involves new things.


What Your Shoe Says About You


Black Corporate Shoes

What Your Shoe Says About You

Classy Black dress shoes can never go wrong for anything formal. Wear this often enough? Then you most definitely have everyone thinking you are running for office!

This guy (you who have chosen this shoe?) is pulled-together and knows how to show himself some self-respect, meaning (we hope) he’ll show others the same.



What Your Shoe Says About You

These shoes might be intended for hiking, but chances are this dude hasn’t hit the trail in a while. More likely, he’s a not-so-rough guy just trying to look tough (Just look at him in the picture ?)

This guy is somewhat regular but never tries so hard at anything. Which is a good thing? Right?



What Your Shoe Says About You

This low-maintenance guy is easygoing, possibly to the point where “chill” becomes “absentminded.” We wouldn’t be surprised if he’s always arriving at things late.

So You are a vans guy? The ladies may never take you seriously!


Walking Desert Boots

What Your Shoe Says About You

These suede ankle boots are trendy yet understated, masculine but not aggressive. This guy is detail-oriented and not at all flashy. Needless to say, we really like him.

A walking Boots guy is a serious guy that knows what he wants.


Driving Mocs

What Your Shoe Says About You

This guy knows style… but he might be a little high-maintenance. Those baby-smooth leather and suede shoes do require much upkeep and care, after all.

This guys knows fashion and trends but always try too hard.


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Laid-Back Palm Slides

What Your Shoe Says About You

With these laid-back shoes on, this dude signals he’s super chill without a care in the world. He also probably doesn’t feel pressured to succumb to societal expectations (even when maybe he should…).

If these are your go-to shoe options, you probably think no one cares (we really do, I mean I’m writing about ya), These shoe option doesn’t do good for you in the real world.


Classic Cas Shoes

What Your Shoe Says About You

This guy is a traditionalist, i.e. someone who follows in his dad’s footsteps and still wears the shoes he wore every holiday growing up.

This is a guy that knows the value of keeping things original and ladies love an original and traditional guy, No?


Air Jordans And Anything Kanye ❤

What Your Shoe Says About You

This man is a serious sneaker-head. With him, Nothing is too serious, he might miss your birthday or skip out on a date to wait in line for the latest pair of Jordans or yeezys.

Hey, at least he demonstrates a commitment to that!



What Your Shoe Says About You

There’s no much to this guy, he himself doesn’t really take himself seriously.  A classic Converse guy is a kid at heart with little care and trouble.

If the world was on fire right now, the converse guy would go down without a fight!


Oxfords and Brogues

What Your Shoe Says About You

This solid, responsible dude means business. He dresses like a true gentleman. We can only hope he is one.

The Oxford guy is classy and does things by the plan, he doesn’t just pick up anything in his wardrobe and wear. Things are planned and done accordingly.


Retro Nike

What Your Shoe Says About You

He tries to not be obvious about it, but this man really does care about looking cool and trendy. And he’s pretty good at it.

One advice for this guy would be this: you don’t really need those shoes. We know you want in but not with those, please.


Sandals with Socks

What Your Shoe Says About You

This just looks lazy (and absurd), not to mention silly. This dude somehow missed the memo that socks with sandals are simply unacceptable.

You might wonder what else he’s missed the memo too, 2019 is around the corner.


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