FASHION FRIDAY: The right way to wear your suits.



Did you know?

A man in a well tailored suit is more attractive than a man with rippling abs .

Well, now you know and today on Fashion Friday we’ll be discussing on “the right way to wear your suits”.

You think you know the right way to wear suits?
Well, don’t be too sure..

So you finally got that Armani suit and you can’t wait to wear it to that office dinner, well keep the few pointers below in mind while getting dressed.



1) Always keep the second button on your suit jacket opened.
It’ll not only give you that classy touch but also add to your comfortability and also, it will not make you appear too serious. Come to think of it, there’s really no point buttoning up the buttons……#LoL




2) Always unfasten your button when sitting because it’s simply uncomfortable to seat with the suit jacket buttoned.
Also, it would keep your suit from getting rumpled while sitting.






3) Do not wear belts when using suspenders. That’s pretty much explanatory. #winks









4) Find the right shoulder fit

Did you know shoulders are the hardest area to tailor on a suit?

So when shopping for a suit pay more attention to the shoulder.






5) Buy quality dress shirt, belt and shoes

Dress shirt, belt and shoes are imperative to achieving that classy suit look so invest in quality items. Don’t make your suit looks cheap #winks




6) Choose a tie that’s a shade darker than your shirt this is to compliment the suit color and make you stand out.



7) Make sure your belt and shoes match.
This makes you look more coordinated and organized.



8) Make sure your sleeve cuffs are exposed half an inch to make your look more detailed.





9) Be mindful of the length of your tie and jacket.
Your tie should just graze the top of your belt buckle or fall an inch below.



10) Never pair a sport watch with your suits. It’s a big No No.






If you are looking to grab a few drinks with the guys well you can make your suit and dress shirt look casual without trying too hard.

Just unfasten your tie and loosen a few buttons on your dress shirt and voila!!!!!!  You are on your way to look like a million dollars.

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