Yay!!!!!!!  Its Friday and guess what ?

It’s another episode of fashion Friday…?

This Friday I will be talking about male accessories and accessorising.

I hear men say “accessories are for ladies men don’t need to accessorize”

Well,  you are wrong. Men do need to accessorize not just as much as ladies do.

As a guy,  there are the basic accessorising items you should own these includes:

1. Shades. 

2. Wristwatches.

3. Cuff links.

4. Naple pins. 

5. Belts and lastly,

6. Shoes

Today, I’ll focus solely on “SHADES”.

Shades are important part of dressing. It adds a fashion statement that just screams “classy”.  

Asides it being a fashion statement it also shields the eyes from sun rays thereby reducing the stress on your eyes.

You might begin to ask questions like:

1.) “how do I pick an appropriate shades for my face shape? “

well,  it’s quite simple, visit a recognized dealer in shade wear and let them pick the one that best fit your face. That’s why “shades shopping” is something you have to do yourself.

2) “What do I wear with my shades”

You can wear literally anything with shades.  You never go wrong with wearing shades because they fit in any occasion.

You can wear it with your native attire, for more information on rocking your native attire visit previous post via:


Like I said earlier, you can wear it on your native attire and also your English wear as shown below:

3) “when do I wear my shades”

You can wear it basically anytime as long as your eyesight is not affected.

But I would like to add that it’s best to not wear shades at night.  Celebs who wear shades at night or on stage basically wear it to reduce the intensity of the camera flashes and stage lights respectively. To avoid embarrassment shades are better worn during the day, on the beach,  on a road trip etc. You can wear your clear lenses shade in the night instead.

An example of a clear shade is shown in the picture below.







Attached below are pictures of men who slayed with shades and kept it classy. Enjoy!!!!!!


Guess you are ready to throw some shades??? ! !!!





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