Men Style Watches

Fashion Friday – Five Watch Style Every Guy should Know

Men Style Watches

What kind of guy are you if you don’t wear wristwatches?

Not to judge you but to be honest, everyone Needs the perfect wristwatch to complement  that attire for the perfect occasion.

Alright now you’re considering to buy a watch. Great! But you’re not sure the right kind of watch to buy?

Here’s a list of 5 watch styles you should know, before you buy the right accessory for the wrong occasion.

Five Watch Style Every Guy Should Know

Dive Watches

Men Style watches

If you have a watch that says water resistant on the case cork, then you should know that you’ve got a dive watch on.

However, some watches that have that line aren’t always dive Watches. The Dive watch is designed for men who regular are around water. Swimmers, Divers and all sorts.

Men Style Watches

The Dive watch comes in different brands and can fit for several small outdoor activities and sporting activities.

Luxury Watches

What comes to mind when you hear the word luxury?

Luxury watches are designed mostly for large occasions that involve a large gathering of people, it is designed to bring attention to you.

With a luxury watch on, One would easily tell what kind of occasion you are headed for.

Men Style Watches

Would it be a mistake to wear a luxurious watch to work?

The answer to that question is subjective, the watch generally is used mostly for one reason: to tell the time. So if wearing a luxurious watch to work makes you tell the time better, then why not?

In most cases, Luxury watches are worn mostly for High rated occasions.

Field Watches

Men Style Watches

As the name goes, it’s easy to tell what a field watch is, field watches are typically those types of watches designed for heavy (or light) duty activities.

Men Style Watches

These watches are worn by athletes and regular people in the workforce.

It’s a flexible kind of watch that Really fits several occasions and event.

Italian Designed Watches

Men Style Watches

Inspired by Italy’s fashion-forward culture and rich history, Italian design watches are shaping the present and future of the watch industry. Most Italian designed watches are Swiss made and combine top design with first-rate technology.Men Style Watches

The Italian designed watches combine a blend of Fashion and perfection and they are generally worn around the world.

The watches Fit for most large occasions too.

Two-Tone Watches

Men Style Watches

Making a comeback, the two-tone watch trend is becoming more and more popular. Watch brands are also eager to include two-tone variations in their timepiece collections.

Two-Tone watches are watches with a design of two variables, usually Gold and Silver.

Men Style Watches

So when you are looking for a watch and notice a gold and silver coloration then you should know that it’s a two-tone watch.

Now that you know the different kinds of Men style watches, You can shop on Vasiti to find the perfect watch for you.

Thats it on Today’s Fashion Friday, check back next week Friday for more heart throbbing fashion related posts.

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