Fashion Friday – 8 Men Casual Look Tips You Should Know This Season

Casual Men Look

The year is quickly coming to a wrap, and with that comes a lot of events and activities.

So whether it’s a corporate meeting or a casual hangout with the boys, trust me you don’t want to go wrong.

Casual Men Look

Most guys aren’t always so bothered about their looks which is so wrong. As a man, you should care how you look on several occasions.

Today on our special Men’s Fashion Friday, we bring you ten casual look tips you should know this season.


8 Casual Look Tips


Matured Casual Flow

Many men approach their casual style from the wrong angle; they aim to look youthful and vibrant.

Casual Men Look

But if you want to look well-dressed, you should always aim for the mature casual flow.

Because maturity is a very essential quality a man must have. It is maturity that separates the men from the boys.


Maturity shows masculinity and commands respect, and it’s a quality you want people to see in you. Please note we’re not asking you to dress like your dad. We’re only asking you not to present yourself as a teenager.


Matured Jeans Flow

Casual Men Look

So we get it! everyone is into ripped jeans and all, doesn’t mean it’s entirely cool.

So you want to look great? You should Avoid baggy jeans and ripped jeans. You want to avoid having to pull up your jeans every two seconds (Not pleasing to watch, trust me).

Casual Men Look

They should keep themselves up without a belt. Also, they should not pull around your ankles.

Also, avoid embellishments. That means, avoid wearing jeans that are so loud with labels and stickers. That’s just bleh!!!

Keep your jeans simple. Go for a clean, dark-blue pair that fits.


Rock Rock Chinos Look

Casual Men Look

Jeans are not the only option for your legs to go casual! Mix it up with some khakis or some amazing chinos.

Add some variety to your wardrobe by investing in one or two pairs of chinos.

Chinos goes perfectly well with both T-Shirts and polo. This is a perfect go to casual style every man should try.


Cut Out Graphics

Casual Men Look

The first thing you should do to shed your boyish look is giving up your graphic Shirts.  Shirts that speak for themselve “E.g my money grows like grass”

I know you probably love them. But you need to stop wearing them. You have so many better options.

Casual Men Look

Despite popular belief, they don’t make you look funny, edgy or original. Instead they give you a boyish standout.

People associate them with guys who refuse to grow up

So in having to go Casual this season, you want to take these off your closet.


Don’t Forget The Wrist

Casual Men Look

No one likes a naked wrist, I repeat No One! In going out casual, never forget to adorn your wrist with the perfect accessory.

Casual Men Look

Fitting your look with the perfect wrist watch is as necessary as the food you eat daily! I know you can’t compare them, but please! Moving on!

Look for the perfect wrist watch to complement that look, there are other options still available to tone up the wrist. You can also go with the perfect set of bracelets. Remember not to over do it!


Cut Out Slides And Slippers

Casual Men Look

One thing that the ladies love is a man with the right pair of shoes. In going Casual this season, cut out from wearing slippers and slides.

Look for the perfect shoe pair that suit your outfit. Nothing too colourful but everything sharp will do.

Don’t always settle for sneakers, tone it up with some leather boots. Everyone is into leather these days. So yeah, a good pair of leather or suede brogues will be just fine.


Tone It All Up

Casual Men Look

The Goal is to look as casual as possible but it wouldn’t be wrong to add a little bit of extra sauce.

Tone up your outfit with a complementary Jacket or a Scarf. It’s the harmattan season so no one would really judge you for going a bit extra.

A little addition to your outfit can go a long way to make a boring looking outfit interesting.


Ignore The Fashionistas (They Will Lead You Astray)

Casual Men Look

When trying to figure out how to dress well, men often look towards the fashion world for help. They look to see what’s trendy.

But the fashion world is only good for men already deep in the fashion world.  If you’re just a regular guy looking to become a better dresser, Knowing the trends won’t help you.

In fact, you should do the opposite, just follow our tips.


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